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Slovakian born, London resident and avid explorer. Ján has always been artistically influenced by his surroundings and travels. Passionate about art from a young age, he became an award winning artist in his teenage years. From here, an introduction to the painter Alexander Svarc sparked an unexpected journey into what is now the CC Centrum. The formal structure of this leading atelier influenced Jan's work from then until the present day. 

The resounding success in his early 20's of his one man show in 2001 at the Gallery West encouraged him to further develop his talent accepting commissions across multiple mediums. A highly skilled photographer and artist predominately working in pencil and charcoal has led Ján to gain his first diploma in Architecture at the London South Bank University. Combining technical skill in architecture and natural artistic talent has enabled Jan to become a diverse artist with regards to his commissioned work.

2014 has seen Jan achieve his second Diploma in Architecture whilst maintaining his passion in creative arts.

If you have any queries about my work please do contact me at or leave a message below.

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