Portrait Commissions

I offer direct portrait commission consultation including explanation of step by step process of creating fine art commission. There are no intermediaries, not agent involved which will speed up the process and make commissions more affordable. Potential client will get to feel more involved in the process and have a direct interaction with the Artist.

Style and portfolio

Potential sitters can view my artwork portfolio via email on request or visit my studio and creative working environment for inspiration.

The cost of portrait commission is what is initially agreed with the Artist,there are no additional fees, no agents or gallery fee on top. Once a decision is taken deposit will be required, this ensures the preferred dates/price quoted etc are confirmed as well as to unsure both sides are committed and no additional changes are made.

Additional changes

Changing canvas sizes, sitters position from half figure to full figure portrait etc. However if the client would like to change their mind during the commission this can be addressed early in the process, all can be achieved depending on request.

I’m open to discuss ideas, clothes, composition and timings with you. I can share some progress images during the commission if the client wishes to see it.

Complete portrait commission

Once everyone is satisfied with the finished art work, I can recommend some framing options and mouldings. Commissioned portraits are coming unframed, however if client have an existing frame and would like to ‘re-use’ it this can be done on request.

I’m happy to travel abroad, if 'sitters' are unable to visit the UK. The client has the option of being sketched, compositional ideas painted as well as being photographed.

Oil painting artwork starting price: £1000

Graphite, charcoal, pastel drawings starting price: £250


Should you wish to have additional information please contact me :


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